Manyara Region was formed from the former Arusha region in 2002. The formation of this new region was announced in the Official Gazette No. 367 on 27th July 2002. The Regional headquarters is located in Babati town which is 167 kilometres from Arusha, 157 kilometres from Singida and 248 kilometres from Dodoma. There are five administrative districts with seven Local Government Authorities, namely: Babati Town, Babati, and Hanang’, Kiteto, Mbulu Town, Mbulu and Simanjiro District Councils, with 29 Divisions, 123 Wards, 393 Villages and 1,540 Hamlets. The region has total population of 1,425,131 based on 2012 census

The Region is bordered by Arusha region to the north, Kilimanjaro and Tanga regions to the east, Dodoma region to the south and Singida and Shinyanga regions to the west. The region lies between latitudes 3o 40' and 6o 0' S and longitudes 33o and 38o E. It has an area of 50,921 square kilometres which include 49,576 square kilometers of dry land and 1,260 kilometres covered with water.


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